Adopted! Angel 20 yr old Mustang Mare

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June 2015- After year and a half of watching over Angel, it became clear that she had stolen my heart, while at the same time teaching me numerous life lessons. Consequently, she will stay me as the ambassador Mustang for Mustang Rescue Network. 

This is her story, scroll to the bottom for the beginning:

Angel was said to have been found wandering loose in Paulding County, GA. by a man who had done some training with her last year. No one  stepped up to take ownership of this horse, so Mustang Rescue Network took her in.

Angel is actually a red bay roan and after she sheds out she will be extra beautiful! The patch on her neck is where animal control had her neck shaved so they could read her freeze brand. 

Angel was gathered in Nevada in 1996, when she was about 1 year old and initially adopted out at about 1.5 years old. She's about 14  hh. She is currently at Whispering Hills Farm in Canton, GA.


 Please share her information. She is is a wonderful horse that will make someone very happy!

If you're interested in adopting or fostering Angel, please contact Chris at 404-292-8385

or Cheryl Flanagan at

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Update 1/28/15: Angel appears to be enjoying her new surroundings and friends at Whispering Hills Farm. She's grown in a very beautiful winter coat. It's been interesting to watch her coat change as she went from a barn where the lights are on fairly late at night to a barn where the lights are off quite early in the evening. She's been supported with some great natural herbs.

Angel has had three sessions, over the last few weeks, with trainer Betsy Moles, who has been making sure Angel is comfortable with all aspects of moving in tack without a rider. Betsy will ride her and school her in the near future. Angel's hooves have been doing great, and we are keeping front boots on her whenever she is worked and will also  have them on when she will be ridden.

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Update 1/10/15:  Angel was moved to Whispering Hills Farm in Canton, GA  in mid December. She settled in quite easily to the new place and now gets to play in a large pasture, shared with  other mares, some of them also mustangs. 

On her first day with the other mares, she was greeted  by Penelope. 

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 Thanks so much to barn manager Nicole Reynolds, for welcoming Angel to the farm, as well as for providing her with  healthful herbal supplements. Also, many heartfelt thanks to awesome Fairy Godmother, Christine H., for sponsoring Angel. 

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Update 12/3/14: Angel is nearing the end of her time at Little Creek Farm. Thanks so much to the whole Little Creek community, who have been so very supportive in helping Angel in so many ways! Thanks to Carl and Diana for allowing the use of their stall,To Christine H. for being Angel's fairy godmother, to Stride Ahead and it's volunteers for giving Angel extra attention, to Lizzie for getting on Angel, to Joe and the staff for making sure Angel had great care, and to all the boarders and instructors for putting up with me filling the arena with barrels and the big ball and the pedestal. Thanks also to Nicole Reynolds for her ongoing nutritional support for Angel.

We're still looking for Angel's forever home or for someone who might like to foster her. She's fun to do natural horsemanship work with. She is green broke to ride- She'll need a little work and time to gain your trust before she's ready to go on a trail ride with you. Angel has very good social skills with other horses- she gets along easily with other horses, both mares and geldings. We have used her successfully in equine assisted psychotherapy sessions. 

Angel will continue to need diligent attention to her hooves because of past founder. Her hooves look awesome right now and are growing out very well. She's getting trimmed every 5-6 weeks and that is working well. For now, she will need to wear boots in front if she is ridden or worked on hard ground. She is not yet ready for long or hard riding.

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Update 11/9/14:  Angel's progress has been steady. She is learning new things every day and has blossomed with all the great care she's been getting at Little Creek Farm. She's been getting daily natural horsemanship work and has been used in Stride Ahead's equine assisted psychotherapy program.  She will need to leave Little Creek by Mid December, since the stall she's been borrowing will be turned back over to it's owner, Butch, the Belgian mule who has been at college with his owner. If you know anyone who might want to adopt or foster Angel, please contact me.

Thanks to Meg Hartman for these awesome pics of Angel!


Update 9/13/14: Thanks to the generosity of Carl M., Diana G., and Christine H.,  we have the  opprtunity to bring Angel to Little Creek Farm in Decatur for the next few months, where she can meet a whole new set of people, hopefully find her new forever adopter, and continue increasing her skill set. 

This first week at Little Creek Farm has gone well. Everyone that has met Angel has been charmed by her incredible cuteness, easy going temperament and, of course, that beautiful mane and forelock!  We're still working on introducing her to the mare herd. She's had daily natural horsemanship, until the other day when she bruised her foot. She's already walking much better and will see farrier Mele Miller very soon.

Thanks to Nancy Faulconer and all the folks at Cloud 9 Ranch, for taking great care of Angel while she was there! Many  thanks to Nicole Reynolds for transporting Angel, and for her ongoing donations of her great herb supplements for Angel. Thanks also to Mele Miller for a great trim and lots of knowledgeable advice for Angel's hoof health.

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A few of the mares are interested in the newcomer

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Stride Ahead volunteer and student, Danielle Warner welcomes Angel.

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Anne Preston helping Angel safely introduce herself to the mare herd.

Update 7/31/14: Thanks to all your generous donations, Angel spent another month at Cloud 9 Ranch with Nancy Faulconer, and will be there through August.  Angel  had a special visit from one very generous sponsor, Christine, and together, they had a groundwork lesson with Nancy. They all worked well together, resulting in a productive lesson, that both Christine and Angel enjoyed.  

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Update 6/23/14: Angel is back on track with her groundwork and is back on regular grass turnout. She looks fabulous! She's filled out a bit and her coat has a beautiful shine! We have had some people show interest in adopting Angel, but no one has yet decided that they are ready give the sweet girl a new home.

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If Angel can stay at Nancy's for another month,  she can make further strides in her training, but we will need more donations in order to do this. Please donate, if you can. Please share Angel's info so we can find her a great home.

If you would like to foster her, please let us know. She is easy to handle and is very good with other horses.

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Update 6/8/14: Thanks to all our generous donors for allowing for Angel to stay at Nancy Faulconer's Cloud 9 Ranch for another month! And thanks to Nancy for all the great care she's been giving Angel! 

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Angel needs a person of her very own. Do you know someone who would make a great person for Angel? She will do well with someone who already has some natural horsemanship experience, or who can work closely with a good trainer. Trust is very important to Angel and she can sometimes test people a bit to see if they will be a good leader for her. 

We're looking for  her  forever home or else a foster situation with someone who can spend some time with her daily.

Angel's training has been held up a bit over the last few weeks. We noticed that Angel's hooves were  warm and she was a litttle tender on them. It appears that she was sensitive to all the new grass. So for now, she is being mainly kept off the grass, and has not been doing much training.  She gets to enjoy some grass for  short periods for now.  She also recently had a reshaping pedicure, thanks to Rita, and her hooves are looking good. She's had some chiropractic adjustments, thanks to one of Nancy's clients. All she needs now is her own person!  

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Update 5/7/14: Again, Thanks to your donations, Angel is in her second month with Nancy Faulconer!  She is still continuing to shed off her very dense winter coat- just a few tufts left, here and there. She's integrated into Nancy's herd and is now spending nights turned outside.

Nancy has continued Angel's groundwork with being ponied and some ground driving. 

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Lizzie and Hannah came out to visit Angel and they both did some Parelli groundwork with her and then Lizzie rode her for a short, uneventful walk around the arena. She used a bareback pad. We're still watching the bump on Angel's shoulder area, and wanted to be sure that it was not bothered by a saddle. It doesn't seem to have changed. We're looking into getting her a chiropractic adjustment, to see if there may  be a misalignment somewhere.

Thanks to Lizzie and Hannah for visiting with Angel!

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Update 4/24/14:  Thanks to your generous donations, we are able to keep Angel at Nancy's for at least another month, provided no large vet bills come up for her. Angel has been with Nancy Faulconer for about 3 weeks. She has been progressing nicely in her groundwork training with Nancy. You can see a little video here, and some of the pictures below of  some obstacle ground work. 

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She continues to shed out the layers of  that incredible winter coat. Right now her shoulders are sleek and shiny, and there are still tufts of her undercoat everywhere else. Angel is still trying to fit in with Nancy's herd. The pink spot on her neck is salve to soothe a bite that someone gave her. 

Angel is very sweet to handle. She was very good with a child rider aboard at the walk and on a line. She was not as polite when they attempted a trot off line and gave a little buck and unseated her passenger, who is fine, and will always remember Angel for being the frst horse she ever fell off of. Afterwards, Nancy noticed a bumpy area at Angel's shoulder blade, that may have been uncomfortable with the saddle, and may have caused the buck. Nancy will proceed, making sure that Angel is comfortable, and assess how well Angel rides.

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Update 4/2/14:  We were offered a great opportunity for Angel, and have been able to send her to Nancy Faulconer at Cloud 9 Ranch in Eatonton. Nancy is a 2 star Parelli instructor and will work and train with Angel, as well as supervise others working with her. This will give Angel a lot of good, consistent training with a variety of people, which will help her be more adoptable.  Thanks to a generous anonymous donor for sponsoring Angel's first month with Nancy! We are asking for donations to allow us to keep her there for at least another month. If she is adopted before the money is used, any excess will be used for the next Mustang we help.

Thanks to everyone who has donated towards Angel's care.Your generosity is helping a very sweet horse on her way to finding a great new home.


 Thanks so much to Sally Davis and family for fostering Angel for the last 2 months!! They have been generous in so many ways , and I just can't  thank them enough!!

Thanks to Nancy Faulconer for offering to work with Angel  at a generously reduced cost!! Nancy's efforts will help Angel become more adoptable as well as expose her to possible adopters.

Thanks to Nicole Reynolds for trailering Angel to Nancy's  and also for evaluating Angel and donating  awesome herbal nutritional  supplements for Angel!!


Update 3/9/14:  The warm weather has brought some earnest shedding! Angel's roan coloring is really starting to show on her back end. 

Tomorrow  the vet will be out and will check her teeth.



The pigs are obviously no longer an issue for Angel. They now tell each other secrets.


Angel went for a walk through the barn, checking out all the stalls, in case a wisp of hay might be left behind.

There's a new fella where she's staying, and he is a BIG, handsome boy! They were told he is 17.2 hh, but I'm convinced he can't be under 18 hh. He's a HUGE Quarter Horse/ Appendix named Tiny and he and Angel are in love! 

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Update 3/2:  Angel has settled very nicely at the foster home. She's no longer concerned about the pigs. She's quite interactive with people around her expression has softened quite a bit. She was following me around today and curiously nosing everything I brought with me.

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She's slowly adding some weight, and we've added some supplements that were kindly donated. Her hooves look so much better after Mele Miller worked her magic on them. Angel's starting to shed out and her coat is looking much more healthy. I can't wait to give her a bath! 

It's obvious she has had lots of training in the past. She stands perfectly still to be groomed and is very easy to handle. Today she curiously followed along behind a 3 year old child being pulled in a wagon.

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Update 2/19: The farrier worked on Angel on Monday and says that Angel has foundered some time in the past, apparently due to neglect of her hooves. She said that it's not bad, and that with continued, proper, timely trims, Angel should be up to being ridden normally in the summer. Angel is not showing any lameness. We'll continue to monitor her hoof health.

Update 2/14: We are looking for another suitable foster home for Angel. Unfortunately the two geldings at the present foster home, who greeted Angel so nicely, have now become adversarial with each other, and it would be less stressful for all if we can find Angel another place. She is very sweet and easy to handle.

Angel is a 19 yr old mustang mare that Mustang Rescue Network at Save The Horses has taken into our care. She went to her foster home today.

 Angel was a star! She hopped right on the trailer and traveled very well- just a little sweaty by the end of the trip.

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She met the other horses at the foster's barn, one of which, Moose, the big chestnut, is a rescue that was adopted from Everyone seemed to get along quite well over the fence. The only scary part was the pigs, who apparently are some sort of alien species and worthy of continued vigilance. :)

Vet and farrier visits will be soon, along with more updates