Mercy- Mustang Mare

Update 2018- Mercy was adopted last year and is in a new happy home! thanks to the MWHR for taking her in and placing her!

Update Summer 2016- The Mustang and Wild Horse Rescue of GA has taken over ownership of Mercy. She is currently staying with one of their volunteers, who is working with her daily on ground skills. Mercy is up for adoption- please contact them here.

Mercy, Mustang mare, approx 6 years old. She is up for adoption or foster. She is easy and gentle to handle on the ground. She does not appear to have had any natural horsemanship training in the past, and we do not believe she has been ridden.The good news there is that she doesn't have bad habits that need to be fixed! Thanks to Betsy Fajen Moles for coming out to assess Mercy and give her her first natural horsemanship lesson.

Thanks, also, to Mustang and Wild Horse Rescue of Georgia, Inc., for housing Mercy and taking care of her daily needs.

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Betsy Moles, of Natural Horse Solutions, assesses Mercy's training. While Mercy is easy to handle on the ground, it appears that she has not had any natural horsemanship training in the past and has likely never been saddled.

When we first picked up Mercy, she had a cloudy eye that didn't appear painful and she could see out of. We consulted with a couple vets, who suggested eye medication. We found that one cleared up the eye.  We are stillworking on making sure it stays clear.

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